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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Corner Creperie: Questionable savory

Lunch date #55 April 25, 2014

We needed to grab a quick bite, and Uncle Gary was in town to join us. Thought we'd head to the new creperie in town—but Mom wasn't so sure at first. Never had a savory crepe, so time for another new experience, and we were off to The Corner Creperie (349 Main St.; next to Fontina's).

Location 5 points: Still love downtown P-town!

Ambiance 3 points: Open kitchen style so you can watch the crepe making. Very small place-only 5 tables inside, but more outside available. Mom commented about their "wall-of-clocks" and when I asked her what she thought about it, she replied: "Well, I guess it is OK if you like clocks." We counted 7 different clocks on the main wall.

Menu selection 3 points: A few different savory choices-and you can build your own. Seemed to be lacking in choices of sauces, although they did offer a béchamel. They also have a grand selection of sweet crepes (which I've heard are pretty good), but we didn't have time to sample those.

Service: not graded—offer at the counter and then go back to pick up your own plate.

Food 3 points: The crepes were OK, but too bland for my taste. I had a build-your-own with chicken, spinach, cheese and mushrooms. It was far to dry-I even asked the crepe-maker if he remembered the cheese. He replied that he uses a very fine planer-grater so you can't see the cheese. I couldn't see it or taste it, so I think more cheese was needed. Otherwise, it lacked flavor. Mom liked her ham and cheese choice OK and Uncle Gary had a "complete" with egg, ham and cheese. One good point: a decanter of water on the counter with fresh orange slices to serve-yourself a glass of water. I was disappointed, however, that the only non-herbal tea they offered was Earl Grey.

Value 3 points: Sort of a "fast-food" style place with serve yourself everything, and the crepes are served on square disposable plates. Not exactly fine dining—sort of a cross between a crepe stand and a coffee shop. The prices, however, are very good: $7.50 for my combo, Mom's ham and cheese only $6.

Overall score for The Corner Creperie: 3.4 points. Not a bad spot—and probably fun for dessert to get a sweet crepe. Not big fans of the savory, however…but might return and try a different combo and ask for extra cheese. 

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